Grapevine, Rumor Mill, & Little Birdy: the three evils of education.

Unfortunately, this is one aspect of the profession that no one can avoid or ignore. Its the once piece that mostly resembles the culture of school at its most basic level. From Kindergarten to our senior year we have had to deal with this variable. When does it stop? It doesn’t… so don’t expect it to and you won’t be shocked. I definitely assumed that when I joined the profession, any profession, that things would be different and this type of behavior would not exist in the professional workplace. I was so wrong. The grapevine, rumor mill, and the mysterious little birdy are very prevalent in our workforce no matter what profession you are in. However, I am shocked at the level to which these things exist in the education field and how much clout they are actually given. So how do we combat this invisible enemy? We don’t. You can’t. Its like an cancer cell that keeps multiplying no matter what the treatment. The funny part is that some of us entering the profession were naive enough to believe that these things didn’t exist in our professional workplaces. Its those people unfortunately who fall victim to the three evils. I have been one of these unfortunate souls multiple times. Experience is the best teacher, I fully believe that (three educational graduate degrees later). Sixteen years in this field has taken an emotional toll, both for my students, and for the level of unprofessionalism I have truly seen in multiple districts. These three evils are at work 90% of the time when I have encountered an unprofessional situation or been dealt an emotional blow from a colleague or administrator. We sign a code of ethics every year that details the types of behaviors we should treat each other and conduct ourselves with as teachers in the field. So why isn’t there a decent protocol and outlet for this type of harassment in the workplace? They say there is… the policy book outlines it. But really…? IS there one? If there was such a venue and it was taken seriously then why are these three evils so prevalent on a daily basis?

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